Reforestation Project Los Alerces National Park, Chubut Province, Argentina In February 2008, 7,200 ha of primary forests have burnt in the Los Alerces National Park.

The park, in collaboration with the school inside the park, has put in place a reforestation project. This project consists on plantation of native tree species in order to re-establish the previous ecosystem of the area.

The international conference VPPC10 (Vehicle power and Propulsion Conference) about vehicles of the future, with its Carbon Care Action, finances a part of this project since March 2011.
by Anne-Laure Allègre
& Nicolas Quendez (text & photos & films)
The nursery project A project of growing native species in nursery for reforestation is already running since 2006, in conjunction with the Villa Futalaufquen primary school (n°25 Parque Nacional Los Alerces, Chubut, Argentina) and the Los Alerces National Park.

The nursery project is composed of two nurseries which can care until 10 000 plants. A part of the plants are native of the region.
In particular, the nursery gives birth to Alerces (cypress of Patagonia), a tree which has one of the biggest longevity on earth…and threatened of extinction. A close collaboration with the school The nursery couldn’t live without the active participation of the pupils. During all the year, they participate to the different tasks of the nursery: collecting seeds, transplanting young plants, planting young trees in the burnt area of 2008… The reforestation of the burnt area The reforestation of the area affected by wildfires in 2008 is carried out during the winter. Only native species are planted: ñire (Nothofagus antarctica), maitén (Maytenus boaria) and cypress (Austrocedrus chilensis)…

To protect the young plants from the livestock, the light and the sun, a method has been developed : it consists on cutting burnt trees to do a refuge for the young plants.
The Carbon Care Action To compensate the greenhouse gas emissions of the conference VPPC10, 20000 euros has been transferred to this reforestation project.

With this amount, Carbon Care Action hope the plantation of 25 000 plants and the reforestation of roughly 25 hectares of burnt forests.