Nuestros socios Salida Agosto de 2010 Blog del viaje - Libro de oro - Vinculos @ Anne-Laure Allègre | @ Nicolas Quendez | Todos derechos reservados The Shark and the Remora Once upon a time in the ocean, there was a funny fish called Remora. The sunlit ocean and its inhabitants nicknamed it "Sticky fish" because it was put on a big sucker.

One day, while swimming, it crossed the most ferocious shark. All the neighbouring fishes were afraid and tried to escape. But the shark gobbled up everything in its path. Remora, panic-stricken, improvised an acrobatic pirouette and founded itself on the back of the predator. The shark, furious, struggled, but the "Sticky fish" clung on.

Remora and the shark have become friends since this day. The shark is the taxi of Remora and gave it some crumbs of its meals. In compensation, Remora had the wash of the shark: it washed in particular its back and its ears !