Nuestros socios Salida Agosto de 2010 Blog del viaje - Libro de oro - Vinculos @ Anne-Laure Allègre | @ Nicolas Quendez | Todos derechos reservados The Ratel and the Indicator Once upon a time in the savannah, there was a little bird fond of bees' larvas. However, it was unable to open the bee hive with its little beak, so it went its way every time it met a nest. One day, while flying above a bee hive, it discovered a funny black and white animal : the ratel. This one opened the bee hive with a scratch, and forced-feed with honey.

The bird had an idea. One morning, it went to the ratel den and sang until the ratel goes out. It led the ratel to a bee hive. The ratel was very happy and opened the nest with its powerful claws and felled on its preferred food. It leaved all larvas with the bird, delighted.

The bird and the ratel have become friends since this day. Every time the bird discovered a bee hive, it led the ratel to it! So the ratel nicknamed the bird "its honey indicator", in the indicatoridae family.